Service Intelligence Platform

Aquant’s AI-driven technology surfaces organization’s deepest insights and makes them actionable for solving complex service challenges. The result is more efficient service delivery at a lower cost.

With the power of machine learning, you can optimize the efficiency of your field team, get insights into your service performance and identify and mitigate risks to your business.


We bring your scattered data together

In only days, Aquant learns your organization’s unique service language from customer tickets, parts catalogs, inventory, supply chains, IoT alerts, and more. Aquant then creates a neural network that makes it easy to identify patterns and make decisions.


We interpret free text.

The platform’s Natural Language Processing Accelerator interprets the differences in the way service issues are described, extrapolates context and intent, and maps problems to the right solutions.


Valuable human insight augments artificial intelligence.

Your organization’s experts have valuable knowledge that isn’t documented anywhere. Aquant makes it easy and quick to capture that knowledge by enabling your seasoned pros to assess and optimize the platform’s AI-driven decisions and predictions.


Automated Insights

Aquant empowers service leaders to monitor and optimize service performance metrics that drive business performance.

How it Works

Job Prioritization

The service intelligence platform prioritizes your technician job schedule based on your business goals.

How it Works

Parts Pickup Optimization

Aquant can help you find the fastest ways to get the right parts to the right jobs. Eliminate the inefficiencies of assigning an associated depot for each customer. Banish the manual effort of finding the right depot for parts pickup.

How it Works


Eliminate the manual effort of reporting compliance issues to the FDA. Medical device manufacturers dedicate countless hours every day identifying and reporting issues where patients using their devices get hurt.

How it Works

Risk Assessment

Mitigate the risks that threaten your service business, including noncompliance, machine failure, and customer churn. Aquant’s configurable risk assessment features identify patterns, predict risks, and support resolution.

How it Works