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Aquant’s service intelligence platform makes your business’s hidden insights accessible to everyone.

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How it works

Your organization’s best data is:

Scattered Across
Different Systems

Hidden in
Free Text

Locked in the Minds
of Employees

In only days, Aquant mines and analyzes your data, learns your unique service language, and builds your AI-driven decision framework. So now you can turn insights into action.

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On average, our clients experience:


reduction in repeat visits


reduction in parts consumption


increase in first contact

What people are saying

“By implementing Aquant, we are able to encapsulate different data silos like CRM, equipment inventory and workforce management data. This helps us to become predictive and benefit from actionable recommendations to maximize our operations potential.”

Jonathan Schlemmer,
Director of IT at Compact Power Equipment

"Our partnership with Aquant raises the bar on how field service applications can take advantage of AI and machine learning technologies to solve specific problems in the service execution process."

Amit Jain,
Senior Vice President of Product

"Aquant was able to turn knowledge of our tenured, technical people into insights that couldn't be found in our manuals. Now everyone on our service team can perform at the same level as our experts."

Sidney Lara,
VP of Service North America

"Working with Aquant has helped us make dramatic improvements to how quickly and accurately we resolve service tickets. We're looking forward to expanding our Aquant implementation across our partner ecosystem"

Mark Hessinger,
VP Global Customer Services

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