Life Sciences and Medical Equipment

As the demand for complex medical devices increases, uptime becomes even more critical for saving patient lives. Aquant’s AI-driven platform will help your entire team deliver better service.

With Aquant, Your Team Can:

Maximize Device Uptime

Improve first time fix rates by solving device issues the first time and eliminating costly repeat visits.

Reduce Service Costs
Recommend solutions based on cost effectiveness, eliminate unnecessary parts replacement and no fault found events

Prepare for the Silver Tsunami

Preserve and democratize expert knowledge, accelerating employee development and empowering 3rd party servicers.

Automate Compliance Assessment

Analyze and identify service events to adhere to FDA compliance standards.

What we OFfer:

Intelligent Triage

FDA Compliance
Event Detector

Solution Cost

No Fault Found

Workforce Performance Analyzer

Service Insights Dashboard

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Start making service feel like magic

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