Get A Service Report Card

Measure the service performance that matters

Let our Service Intelligence Geeks review your service data. After we analyze it, we’ll show you where you stand in relation to peers, and you’ll learn where you can take cost-effective and actionable steps to rapidly improve service delivery. You’ll even see specific areas to upskill the team.

Give us a sample of your service tickets, and in only one week, we’ll deliver:

Workforce Performance Index

See a detailed map showing the gap between your high performers and challengers. Understand the relevant areas for development among your service workforce.

A Service Solution Heatmap

Identify patterns and pitfalls with a heatmap of your most common service problems, along with recommended solutions. You’ll see specific actions that are causing high costs and customer dissatisfaction.

A Business Impact Report

Understand how much failed service calls cost your business, and get projected cost and savings of AI implementation

Custom Aquant Demo

Following the detailed report, let Aquant provide a demo using your own data, demo nstrating how the platform can be used by your team to solve problems faster and more accurately.

AI Implementation Plan

Learn how to get up and running with a full-fledged AI initiative for your service team in only 7 weeks.

Get deep insights into your business in only 7 days.
Let’s get started.


Start making service feel like magic

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