Service Insights vs. Standard BI Tools:
Feature Overview

Which type of platform best fits your needs?


As service organizations recognize the importance of utilizing their data, a new trend is emerging: data-driven business cultures. Leaders want to rely less on hunches and intuition to solve looming finance, operations, sales, and customer issues — and they are looking to gather insights and context directly from their own data. 

In today’s service landscape, success means predicting and preventing issues before they arise. Organizations need a solution that accepts data from different sources, interpets it, and returns tailored insights that addresses the needs of their different personas.

On the surface, business intelligence (BI) tools seem to help with visualization and the ability to keep tabs on certain metrics. But they aren’t robust enough to capture the entire service lifecycle, improve customer experiences, and inform proactive service models.




Struggle to produce reports and dashboards due to poorly structured data

Lack the ability to account for data scattered across systems, field notes, customer comments, or even the minds and habits of seasoned technicians, resulting in inaccurate analyses

Offer one-sided observations informed solely by historical data

Fail to paint an accurate picture of current service landscapes

Are unable to predict future events

Can only be operated by a team of data scientists

A Closer Look at Features

Aquant’s Service Insights is not your standard BI tool, but rather an entire data science team at your fingertips. Unlike traditional BI tools, Service Insights accesses more of your data, and then analyzes and interprets it — without the need for a team of data scientists. Following a simple deployment process, the immediate value becomes apparent: isolated data points become descriptive and predictive intelligence is presented through auto-generated reports and easy-to-access graphical dashboards.

  • Mine insights out of your (un)structured service data - Gain a deeper dimension of insight into your unstructured data with Aquant’s Service Intelligence Engine by identifying key symptom and solution data directly from customer comments, call center agent notes, field technician debriefs, and machine log files. Formerly hidden data becomes a powerful decision-making tool.

  • Generate service performance and risk models -  Service Insights automatically generates trends, recommendations, industry benchmarks, and predictions based on more than 5 million service tickets from manufacturers and service providers. Leverage Aquant’s predictive modeling to create customer risk scorecards, and manage workforce performance, and training strategies.

  • Get the right insight at the right time - Need a quick summary of your business, a snapshot of customers, or an overview of the workforce before your next meeting? Aquant auto-generates easy-to-read overviews for each customer or service provider, identifying key statistics and important trends. Focus on the most critical service issues without having to dig into dashboards.
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