Warranty + AI: The Next Frontier in Service Transformation

Warranties cost manufacturers millions in lost revenue every year, yet most service and operational leaders accept it as cost of doing business. The warranty process is a missed opportunity to enhance the customer experience, instead acting as a point of frustration and unwelcomed customer effort. Artificial intelligence can change all that -- reducing warranty costs, increasing efficiencies, and finding new paths to revenue generation

Watch this webinar recording to hear from guest speaker Aly Pinder, program director Service Innovation and Connected Products IDC as he provides insights and trends for rethinking warranty management.

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Key Topics

  • Current state of warranty management and how the process ignores service experience best practices
  • The role of AI in bringing digital transformation to warranties
  • Steps for fast-tracking the next normal for warranty management
  • Audience Q&A



Aly Pinder
Program Director – Service Innovation & Connected Products
IDC Manufacturing Insights


Edwin Pahk
VP of Product Marketing

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