How Sysmex Took the Pain out of AI Adoption for Service

The leadership team at Sysmex America, Inc. knew they needed to shift from a traditional to a predictive service model to drive faster, more accurate service resolution. They also understood that transformation would require AI-powered technology to harness IoT and service data, and empower its workforce to solve difficult service challenges. The big question was whether the team should boost internal resources to build the technology in-house or turn to an outside vendor specializing in AI tools for the service industry.

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In this webinar recording, Adan Deroche and Peter Tregarthen will discuss how the team took steps to:

  • Speed up time-to-value for their AI project
  • Assess the benefits and drawbacks of internal development versus using an AI vendor
  • Uncover and analyze free text service information to drive meaningful outcomes in service delivery
  • Work with Aquant to determine a roadmap for success by combining the knowledge of employee experts with the output of the tool’s AI-powered solutions



Adan Deroche
Customer Care Systems & Technical Consulting Director
Sysmex America


Peter Tregarthen
Customer Care Systems Sr. Manager
Sysmex America


Edwin Pahk
VP of Product Marketing

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