Adapting Service Innovation Strategies for the New Normal

Too much data, an overextended workforce, and an uncertain climate that is accelerating the industry shift in service delivery are just a few things on the mind of Gyner Ozgul, Senior Vice President of Operations at Smart Care Equipment Solutions. He’s leading a technology-driven transformation to ensure more consistent customer experiences are provided by a knowledgeable and motivated workforce.

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In the webinar, We'll Cover how Smart Care Is:

  • Addressing immediate service pivots to address COVID-19 and long-term recovery scenarios
  • Adopting AI-tools to transform a mountain of data into a source of value for customers, engineers, and the company’s bottom line
  • Scaling workforce training and development to centralize and distribute tribal knowledge


Gyner Ozgul SVP of Operations Smart Care Equipment Solutions

Edwin Pahk
VP of Product Marketing


John Carroll
Service Council