Service Leaders Decode Data-Driven Decision Making

Exceptional customer service has become table stakes for service organizations, but delivering on that promise is a challenge. Roadblocks include a lack of understanding of what the customer really needs, when they need it, and how to act on the mountain of service data to drive exceptional experiences and improve service outcomes.

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The answers are all right there in the data, but deriving meaningful insights from graphs and spreadsheets is not easy. New technology, including easy-to-deploy AI tools, can quickly pinpoint the most important issues and offer service solutions specific to your business.

In the discussion, service experts Paul McDermott, Director of Service & Support, T2 Biosystems and Sidney Lara, Industry Principal, Aquant detail the art of data-driven decision-making (a blend of technology, people, and soft skills) as a way to deliver extraordinary customer experiences and create high-achieving service teams.

The session covers:

  • How to deploy digital tools to better curate & analyze data for an accurate service snapshot
  • Specifics on how data-based decision making has changed service delivery (for the better)
  • Advice on the benefit of soft skills as a way to evangelize service transformation projects and secure buy-in


Paul McDermott
Director, Service and Support
T2 Biosystems
Sidney Lara
Industry Principal