Triage and Troubleshooting

Drive better service outcomes with Intelligent Triage. Aquant’s AI platform makes your company’s hidden insights accessible to the entire workforce, helping everyone perform like a long-tenured service pro. 

Intelligent Triage

Translate your service organization’s tribal knowledge and experiences into prescriptive intelligence. By using a dynamic, AI-powered tool, your front line ambassadors are empowered to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges, in and out of the field. 

Increase first contact resolution

Give your customer-facing agents automated recommendations to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges before a tech is even dispatched.

Improve first time fix rates and reduce parts costs

Democratize access to tribal knowledge and provide expert guidance to techs before jobs and on site, enabling all technicians the ability to solve problems right the first time without “shotgunning” parts -- just like the most experienced on the workforce. 

Transform customer service experience

Improve service delivery across all channels, from quicker first response and more efficient fixes to proactive maintenance and proactive intervention.


How it Works:

The platform analyzes service data and tribal knowledge for a 360-degree view of service issues, customer history, parts, and past resolutions

The Natural Language Processing technology learns your unique service language, and maps common problems and solutions

The system predicts the most likely solution for service issues, enabling every service team member to make informed decisions

Remote REsolution

Limit unnecessary truck rolls and better manage technician schedules by increasing first contact resolution. Aquant’s intuitive dashboard helps your call center agents become expert problem solvers, providing customers with ways to solve simple service issues on their own -- without dispatching a service technician.

Remote Resolution

How it Works:

Call center agents can troubleshoot cases using Intelligent Triage, quickly pinpointing the most likely issues and solution

When Aquant identifies cases where the most accurate fix is a simple solution that can be done on site by the customer there are two courses of action:
◦ The call center agent can walk the customer through basic steps
◦ Cases where a tech is not needed but more help is required will be routed to an expert who can guide the customer

Mobile Triage

Provide prescriptive guidance to technicians wherever they are via automated suggestions on their mobile device of choice. Those in the field have access to instant assistance, enabling techs to make the most speedy, accurate and cost effective fixes the first time.

Mobile TRiage Assessment

How it Works:

Troubleshoot service issues on site in real time with handheld devices

When technicians describe problems related to the machine or system, Mobile Triage recommends the most likely solution

Receive the most accurate suggestions for your service organization, because all of the questions and solutions are populated by AI-driven insights from your organization’s unique data

Intelligent Triage empowers faster issue resolution everywhere - from the contact center to the job site - and enables support reps, technicians, and customers.


Empower your customers to find solutions without engaging your support reps or needing to manually scan user manuals. Self Service delivers better customer experiences, quickly. 

Self-Service Technician

How it Works:

The client gets access to a Natural Language Processing tool that makes it easy to search for their problem

They are prompted with questions to help them narrow down to the right solutionThey are prompted with questions to help them narrow down to the right solution

They can troubleshoot the problem on their own if possible, or get recommendations for the best course of action