Convert Messy Data Into Clear Insights.
Make Informed Decisions.

Aquant’s AI-driven technology uncovers an organization’s deepest insights to inform prescriptions and predictions for every management decision. Surfacing and analyzing hidden data creates an unprecedented opportunity to solve complex service challenges, provides a path for higher service-driven revenues, and reduces customer churn. You’ll experience more efficient service delivery at a lower cost. 



Purpose-built by industry veterans, Aquant’s platform delivers the insights that service leaders care about. And unlike traditional BI tools, you’ll see results immediately — the platform does not require months of configuration or a team of data scientists. 

You’ll have access to recommendations, industry benchmarks, and predictions which are informed by more than one million service tickets from manufacturers and service providers. We do the analysis, you benefit from the knowledge and best practices of market leaders.

The platform offers actionable recommendations and predictions that you can use to create customer alerts, technician training plans, product recommendations, customer QBR presentations, and more. Here’s how.


Customize at-a-glance dashboards for executives, or drill down into specific customer stats, KPIs, asset management, and employee performance.

See clear connections between performance and service outcomes, such as how asset failure or uptime relates to individual employees, or how parts usage is tied to FTF rates and service costs.

Flag customers at risk based on service history, asset information, FTF rate, number of site visits, and other factors. Set customized alerts based on specific criteria.

Identify top performers and those in need of additional mentoring by analyzing service tickets, technician notes, parts usage information, CRM data, and more.

Benchmark your organization’s performance on metrics like FTF, first contact resolution, parts consumption, and more.


The platform uses Natural Language Processing to extract data from free text, which turns everything from service tickets to work order notes into actionable insights for your team. Aquant’s Service Insights analyzes free text as efficiently as information from a CRM or parts database, providing a clear snapshot of the entire service lifecycle.

Aquant accesses and interprets your organization’s hidden data, creating an accurate snapshot of your workforce. The Workforce Performance Index factors in a wide range of KPIs, providing a holistic view of each team member in relation to peers.



Aquant’s Service Insights uses that service data to create intelligent models, including customer risk, workforce performance, and training strategies, as well as product and quality trends.


Our platform analyzes and summarizes the data for you. The platform auto-generates an easy-to-read overview for each customer or service provider, pulling out key stats, and directing you to the most important trends. This means you can focus on the most critical service issues without spending time formatting reports.

Aquant accesses and analyzes your organization’s hidden data and creates an accurate snapshot of your workforce. The Workforce Performance Index factors in a wide range of KPIs, providing a holistic view of each team member in relation to peers.



Identify at-risk customers at risk long before they fill out an NPS survey.  Aquant’s Predictive Service NPS framework empowers service leaders to get ahead of customers experiencing poor service, showing you how to mitigate and prevent service disasters before they happen.  How? Aquant provides a 360-degree view of service from the customer perspective: see what’s going wrong, what’s working, and get an understanding of the entire service lifecycle. Approach them with a solution before they come to you with a complaint. 


Measure and improve the performance of your entire workforce. Aquant’s Workforce Performance Index leverages key service KPIs to measure your workforce. You’ll understand your highest performers, as well as those who may be falling short, and you can identify specific areas for improvement. The platform uncovers behavioral trends across the workforce, and can prescribe training recommendations. The result? A cycle of continuous workforce improvements.


Aquant’s Service Insights will benchmark your organization against other leading service organizations. See how you perform on key service KPIs compared to the rest of the market, understand service trends, and use the insights to get ahead of competitors. 


Understand which assets are problematic before a customer complains or before an asset fails. Aquant’s Asset Risk Model alerts service leaders to potential hot spots that may be due to a faulty piece of equipment, or due to the work done on that asset. The alert provides key insights into symptom trends and total cost of ownership as well as the overall performance of your workforce on these assets.


Stop wasting spare parts while simultaneously lowering service costs. We’ll help you identify key trends in parts usage and quality. Aquant’s Parts Trend Index surfaces key trends in parts usage, such as and mean time between failure and cost of parts per asset. See a trend highlight of key customers and assets over time.