Intelligent Triage

Intelligent Triage translates your service organization’s tribal knowledge and experiences into prescriptive intelligence. Using a dynamic, AI-powered tool, your front line ambassadors are empowered to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges before a tech is even dispatched.
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With Aquant, Your Team Can:

Increase first contact resolution
Provide automated guidance enabling customer-facing agents to troubleshoot and resolve customer challenges before a tech is even dispatched
Improve first time fix rates
Provided expert guidance, enabling all technicians to solve problems right the first time like your most expert personnel
Transform Customer Service Experience
Improve service delivery across all channels, from quicker first response and more efficient fixes to proactive maintenance and proactive intervention.

What we OFfer:

Performance Index

No Fault
Found Prediction

First Contact




Start making service feel like magic

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Workforce Performance Index

Chart the performance of your technicians and service providers for accurate insight into the state of your entire team.

How it works:

  • Understand the true costs of the skills gap on your business, and calculate the benefit of performance lift across your workforce. 
  • Identify top performers as well as those in need of additional coaching and mentoring. 
  • The workforce performance index tool will help your entire team perform at the level of your service heroes.

No Fault Found

Stop dispatching technicians, only to find that there is no problem. Aquant can predict which customer complaints are the result of user error or environmental factors, not product failure. We’ll automatically prompt your team members to respond accordingly, eliminating the problem of wasted dollars spent on dispatching technicians and diagnosing and replacing parts.

How it works:

  • Your agent leverages Intelligent Triage to troubleshoot an issue
  • Aquant identifies situations where there is high likelihood of No Fault Found
  • Flagged cases will automatically be routed to an expert who can guide the customer through recommended steps
  • It eliminates the need to send technicians onsite for No Fault Found situations
  • You’ll reduce truck rolls and reduce warranty costs.

First Contact Resolution

Want to drive better customer experiences? Your customers value quick resolution to their problems. Help them resolve issues without ever sending a technician on site.

How it works:

  • Your customer agent leverages Intelligent Triage to troubleshoot an issue
  • They ask a number of questions to narrow down solutions
  • The system predicts that the most likely solution is remotely resolvable
  • Configure the results so that the agent tries remote resolution first, even if it’s less likely
  • The system recommends remote resolution, and guides them step by step through troubleshooting the issue.

Self Service

Empower your customers to find solutions without engaging your support reps or poring through user manuals. Self Service delivers better customer experiences.

How it works:

  • The client gets access to a Natural Language Processing tool that makes it easy to search for their problem
  • They are prompted with questions to help them narrow down to the right solution
  • They can troubleshoot the problem on their own if possible

Mobile Triage

Provides prescriptive guidance to technicians on site via automated suggestions. Those in the field have access to instant assistance based on an organization’s tribal knowledge, enabling techs to make the most speedy, accurate and cost effective fixes the first time.

How it works:

  • Troubleshoot service issues on site in real time with handheld devices
  • As technicians describe problems related to the machine or system, Mobile Triage recommends the most likely solution
  • Receive the most accurate suggestions for your service organization because all of the questions and solutions are populated by AI-driven insights from your own data.
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