Service Insights™

Data becomes knowledge. Knowledge becomes service strategy.

The data you generate contains insights that can take your service operations to new heights. But how do you access those insights? Even a team of dedicated data scientists would take months (or years!) to mine those hidden gems. And generic BI tools aren’t making the cut.

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Get smarter about service

Transform the service data you have into the powerful insights you need. In only days, the Aquant platform delivers service recommendations and predictions powered by learnings from more than 1 million service tickets. Now, track and improve technician and team performance. See customer escalations coming and stop them in their tracks. Uncover key trends about how your equipment is being used in the field. And benchmark your company performance on key service metrics. Data from across the service organization all comes together to power service experiences that go beyond mere maintenance – and truly feel like magic.

Track and improve
customer experience

Measure team
performance and personalize training plans

Monitor product usage and quality trends so you can create better products and experiences

Improve service from every angle


Prevent escalations before they start

See incoming customer issues ahead of time with customer risk scores based on first time fix, number of site visits, and more. Call them before they call you with a problem. 


Pinpoint where techs need to improve

Drill down into key stats like uptime, asset failures, and service costs on a team and individual level. See who’s a top performer and who needs more training. 


Understand products
inside and out

Flag potentially problematic assets and parts, and understand trends like the cost of parts per asset or customer usage behavior. Maintain a high standard of quality and reliability, and get ahead of asset failures. 

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