Job Planning and Prediction

Aquant’s AI platform makes sense of your organization’s service data to optimize resource allocation and schedules while helping your workforce deliver better service experiences. Natural language processing and AI work together to understand the nuances of the service issue regardless of the word choice used to describe it. The platform then quickly matches technician, location, skills, and other priorities to ensure that jobs are dispatched and completed based on your organization’s business objectives.

No Fault Found Predictions

Stop dispatching technicians, only to find that there is no problem. Aquant can predict which customer complaints are the result of user error or environmental factors as opposed to true product failures. We’ll automatically prompt your team members to respond accordingly, reducing truck rolls and warranty costs.

No Fault Found

How it Works:

Your agent leverages Intelligent Triage to troubleshoot the issue, and our system quickly identifies situations where there is high likelihood of No Fault Found

Flagged cases will automatically be routed to an expert who can guide the customer through recommended steps

It eliminates the need to send technicians onsite for No Fault Found situations


Job Prioritization

Prioritize your technician job schedule with ease, based on your business goals When you tackle jobs based on the order that tickets come in, you risk ignoring more critical cases. Aquant’s AI-driven platform uses your organization’s data to understand which jobs are mission-critical, and which are lower priority, and then prioritizes jobs based on a strategic ranking.

Job Prioritization Management

How it Works:

Aquant continuously analyzes your service data, including your work orders, parts inventory, customer contracts, product catalog, etc.

When new job orders are submitted, Aquant runs its machine learning algorithms and automatically generates a priority for your customer tickets, based on continuous learning from your service data

Priorities are configurable based on business goals


Parts Pickup Optimization

Aquant can help you find the fastest ways to get the right parts to the right jobs. Eliminate the inefficiencies of assigning an associated depot for each customer. Banish the manual effort of finding the right depot for parts pickup.

Parts Pickup Mechanic

How it Works:

Aquant’s AI engine analyzes information about equipment, appointments, and technician availability

The smart system optimizes the parts pickup location, based on distance, inventory, and other parameters

The recommendations are automatically fed into your WFM or scheduling system, creating a seamless experience