To say 2020 has been crazy is a major understatement! I have been watching and admiring how Hologic has responded to the pandemic with the quick authorization for your molecular test, to boosting testing capacity with the Aptima SARS-CoV-2 assay. It comes as no surprise that Wall Street has recognized this positive momentum, and I see you have also been awarded an $119M contract from the US Government to expand tests and diagnostics revenue jumped by 375% in your recent earnings announcement. As you have expanded your Panther install base to over 2,000 systems, uptime of these complex instruments is more important than ever, I can imagine this could be adding additional capacity stress to your support and field services teams. 

I have been helping organizations on their journeys of digital transformation for the past 16 years.  An exercise we regularly engage in with our partners is to review service and support KPIs to understand if there is hidden value in the data that can be used to fuel improved performance. Whether you are tracking first time fix, mean time between failures, cost per successful case, dispatch avoidance,  or other KPIs, I would love to learn about your data.

Join me for lunch to learn how measuring your hidden data can unlock improved service and support outcomes for you and your customers . I would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about your service and support operations, and to share a bit about our experiences with customers in the medtech space.


Doug Wilmot
Senior Account Executive Responsible for Hologic




An AI-powered Service Intelligence software platform that sits on top of your CRM, putting the expertise of your best people at the fingertips of your whole team. Aquant uses your historical service & support data to understand, predict, and prescribe the best decisions throughout the service lifecycle. 

It is 20 years of Experience in 20 seconds.

How would Hologic benefit from service-focused AI?

Our predictive AI analysis empowers your entire service and support workforce with the knowledge to perform at the level of your top experts — especially critical when your instruments literally drive test results. 

These AI tools enable intelligent decision-making by unlocking your own hidden service data and feeding support and service reps the right questions to ask to get to the right solutions. increase first time fix, reduce parts shotgunning, eliminate unnecessary visits, and solve more cases remotely. 

I see Hologic launched a comprehensive customer support portal last year: your combination of reports, service requests, knowledge articles, manuals, and system data on a customers’ installed units looks like a great combination of tools in one portal.  If you are eager to deflect more cases at the top of the service funnel, you can give your self-service process rocket fuel by walking your customers through a simple yes/no question process and diagnosing/ prescribing  corrective actions that can fix their issues before being escalated to technical support.   We have a track record of helping medtech companies with similar projects, including  BD, Sysmex, and Haemonetics.