Join Aquant's Elite
Repair Expert Network

Thank you for your interest in applying to join Aquant’s elite expert network of food service equipment technicians!

If you are a current or retired service technician with at least 10 years of experience in the food service equipment industry, you came to the right place.

As an expert, you will be interviewed by Aquant’s software team about your experience solving common issues with major food service equipment.

Your advice will be used to help build a new software, which provides knowledge to service technicians quickly and accurately. In return for just 15 - 20 hours of your time, you will receive up to $5000 per project starting at $250/ per hour

You’ll also get free access to Aquant’s software platform.

See the description below, and if you feel you are an appropriate fit, fill out the brief form and we will be in touch:


  • Meet with Aquant team member(s) to review common appliance issues and provide expert advice:
    • Review our curated lists of common problems with combi-ovens, commercial dishwashers, steamers and ice makers 
    • Rank the probabilities of provided solutions to solve the problems
    • Add and/or exclude solutions based on experience and/or research
    • Review outputs of this process and refine changes with the Aquant team member(s)


At least 10 years of technician experience in the Food Service Equipment industry, specializing in most of the following:

    • Combi-ovens: Rational
    • Dishwashers: Hobart, Meiko
    • Steamers: Cleveland, Blodgett, Vulcan
    • Ice makers: Hoshizaki, Follett, Scotsman
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The Consultation sessions will be performed remotely via Zoom if the Consultant cannot meet in person

Start making service feel like magic

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