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The service landscape is facing a dramatic transformation that ranges from the need to skill up a new workforce, to the move away from reactive break-fix work towards a predictive service model. That shift requires a workforce of high performers and a more effective way to measure true workforce performance. 

Service KPIs tend to be narrowly focused on single measurements such as productivity or first time fix, and they don’t provide a holistic snapshot. Without zooming out for a 360-degree view, measuring in isolation often leads to systemic and costly service issues.

Instead of focusing solely on “what” to measure, it’s more important to ask “how” you are measuring. Aquant’s Service Performance Measurement gives you access to the right mix of information to measure what really matters. This includes understanding a macro and individual team member view of performance.

No Fault Found Predictions

Chart the performance of your technicians and service providers for accurate insight into the state of your team, and understand the real costs of the skills gap on your business.

Aquant accesses and analyzes your organization’s hidden data and creates an accurate snapshot of your workforce. The Workforce Performance Index factors in a wide range of KPIs, providing a holistic view of each team member in relation to peers.

How it Works:

Aquant identifies top performers as well as those in need of additional coaching and mentoring based on each organization’s diverse set of service data including service tickets, technician notes, parts usage information, CRM data, and more.

AI-powered continuous learning understands the behaviors of service heroes and applies that knowledge in the form of prescriptive recommendations to empower the entire workforce

The smart platform delivers robust findings, recommendations, and best practices that are personalized to each organization



Aquant empowers service leaders to monitor and optimize service performance metrics that drive business performance.

How it Works:

The platform monitors and assesses individual and team performance KPIs in real time

Evaluate how your organization is performing on metrics like first contact resolution, parts consumption, first time fix rate, and more

Deliver data back to your CRM and other systems, so you can leverage your standard reporting interface to evaluate metrics that matter to you