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Here’s What Your Average KPI Numbers Aren’t Telling You

13 Sep 2021

Service Insights, Aquant’s New AI Tool, is the Missing Link in Exceptional Customer Experiences

23 Jun 2021

3 Tips to Help Appliance Service Providers Scale Quickly and Meet Demand

16 Jun 2021

Buying vs. Building AI: The Ultimate Showdown

02 Jun 2021

3 Tips for Getting the Green Light on Your Next Service Transformation Project

17 May 2021

These 3 Trends are Impacting Service Delivery in the Medical Device and Diagnostic Industry

12 May 2021

4 Ways to Foster Diversity in Your Organization

30 Apr 2021

4 Foolproof Steps to Kick off a Tech Deployment

20 Apr 2021
Service Skills Gap

1 in 3 service leaders are extremely concerned about the skills gap

07 Apr 2021

Why You Need a Service Dream Team & How to Build One

05 Feb 2021

7 Tips from Service Leaders: Aligning People, Technology & Data

24 Jan 2021

4 Predictions For Service In And Out Of The Field In 2021

07 Jan 2021

3 Biggest Challenges for Service Organizations in 2021

09 Dec 2020

What We Talk About When We Talk About the Workforce Skills Gap

04 Nov 2020

Scary Stories From The Field: A Collection Of Service Horror Stories

27 Oct 2020

What First Time Fix Rate Won't Tell You About Service Performance

09 Oct 2020

Bottom Quarter of Field Service Workforce Responsible For 80% More In Service Costs Than Top Quarter

29 Sep 2020
Capital Spending Cuts: The New Disruptor To The Service Lifecycle

Capital Spending Cuts: The New Disruptor To The Service Lifecycle

11 Sep 2020

Aquant Announces Intelligent Warranty Audit to Accelerate Service Transformation

17 Aug 2020

Improve Service Outcomes in Capital Equipment with AI

11 Aug 2020
Aquant KPI Guide

The Service Leader's Guide to Workforce KPIs

14 Jul 2020

5 Ways AI Boosts Service Delivery

01 Jul 2020

Solving the Service Industry Data Problem with AI (Part 2)

23 Jun 2020

Solving the Service Industry Data Problem with AI (Part 1)

11 Jun 2020

How to Attract and Retain Gen Z and Millennial Employees in the Service Industry

27 May 2020

Why Employee Experience Matters for Customer Satisfaction

18 May 2020
Aquant Resources for Resilience

Aquant Creates Resources for Resilience Hub for Service Leaders

01 May 2020

Increase Remote Resolution and Reduce Site Visits During COVID-19 and Beyond

23 Apr 2020

Reduce Workforce Burden During COVID-19 With a Free Self-Service Diagnostic Tool

01 Apr 2020

What Service Leaders Can Learn from Failed AI Deployments

25 Mar 2020

Is Your Workforce Ready for the Servitization Demands of 2020?

18 Mar 2020

Does Your Field Service Strategy Include a Coronavirus Contingency Plan?

11 Mar 2020

The Old Model Doesn’t Work: Revamping Service Delivery for the Medical Device Industry

04 Feb 2020

Aquant Raises $30M Series B Investment, Led by Insight Partners

30 Jan 2020

Natural Language Processing: How to Transfer Knowledge Across Your Global Service Team

14 Jan 2020

IoT Predictive Maintenance Is A Disappointment

14 Jan 2020

Don't Get Trapped in the Escalation Black Hole

11 Dec 2019

Are Your Field Technicians Relying on Parts Instead of Knowledge to Resolve Issues?

06 Dec 2019

What’s Your Digital Transformation Missing? Tribal Knowledge.

21 Nov 2019

Traditional Knowledge Management Systems Don't Work For Service

08 Nov 2019

How Do I Clone My Subject Matter Experts?

21 Oct 2019

A Human & AI Field Management & Service Hybrid is The Future

21 Oct 2019

How to Transform Customer Service with AI

07 Oct 2019

3 Ways AI Can Improve your Field Service Performance Today

30 Sep 2019