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With a free AI-powered workforce analysis

Feed Aquant’s AI engine your service data to get meaningful insights in only 7 days. This no-cost, no-commitment analysis can help you understand how AI can benefit your business.

Give us a sample of your service tickets, and in only one week, we’ll deliver:

Workforce Performance Index

Discover insights on the gap between your high performers and challengers. Understand the opportunities for development among your service workforce

A Service Solution Heatmap

Identify patterns and pitfalls in your service approaches with a heatmap of your most common service problems and solutions

A Business Impact Report

Understand how much failed service calls cost your business, and get projected cost and savings of AI implementation

Custom Aquant Demo

Following your 7-day results, let Aquant provide an Intelligent Triage demo with your own data, and understand how the platform can be used by your team to solve problems faster and more accurately.

AI Implementation Plan

Learn how to get up and running with a full-fledged AI initiative in only 7 weeks

Get deep insights into your business in only 7 days.
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